ATAN Function (DAX)

How does the ATAN function (DAX) work?

Returns the arctangent, or inverse tangent, of a number. The arctangent is the angle whose tangent is number. The returned angle is given in radians in the range -pi/2 to pi/2.

ATAN Formula Syntax


How do you use the ATAN function?

This function is a Number Request that calculates the value (in radians) of the angle whose tangent equals a specified number (the inverse of the Tan function).

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Considerations when using the ATAN function


The tangent of the desired angle. If X is double-precision floating or complex, the result is of the same type. All other types are converted to single-precision floating-point and yield floating-point results. If X is an array, the result has the same structure, with each element containing the arctangent of the corresponding element of X.


An optional argument. If this argument is supplied, ATAN returns the angle whose tangent is equal to Y/X. If both arguments are arrays, the function matches up the corresponding elements of X and Y, returning an array with the same dimensions as the smallest array. If one argument is a scalar and the other arguments is an array, the function uses the scalar value with each element of the array, and returns an array with the same dimensions as the input array.

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