BLANK Function (DAX)

How does the BLANK function (DAX) work?

This expression has no parameters.

BLANK Formula Syntax


How do you use the BLANK function?

Blanks are not equivalent to nulls. DAX uses blanks for both database nulls and for blank cells in Excel. Some DAX functions treat blank cells somewhat differently from Microsoft Excel. Blanks and empty strings (“”) are not always equivalent, but some operations may treat them as such.

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Considerations when using the BLANK function

The BLANK value is automatically converted in case it is compared with other values.

The right way to check whether a value is BLANK is by using either the operator == or the ISBLANK function. Do not use the operator “=”.
The operator == is a “strictly equal to” operator that consider BLANK as a different value other than 0 or an empty string.

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Formula examples using the BLANK function

=IF( SUM(InternetSales_USD[SalesAmount_USD])= 0

BLANK () = 0


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