How does the CALENDAR function (DAX) work?

The CALENDAR function (DAX) returns a table with a single column named “Date” that contains a contiguous set of dates. The range of dates is from the specified start date to the specified end date, inclusive of those two dates.

CALENDAR Formula Syntax

     <start_date>, <end_date>

How do you use the CALENDAR function?

Calendar functions manipulate data of the data types DATE and DATETIME based on a calendar year.

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Considerations when using the CALENDAR function

An error is returned if start_date is greater than end_date.

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Formula examples using the CALENDAR function

=CALENDAR (DATE (2005, 1, 1), DATE (2015, 12, 31))

=CALENDAR (MINX (Sales, [Date]), MAXX (Forecast, [Date]))

CALENDAR ( DATE ( 2005, 1, 1 ), DATE ( 2015, 12, 31 ) )

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