CONVERT Function (DAX)

How does the CONVERT function (DAX) work?

As its name suggests, the CONVERT function (DAX) allows you to convert the data type of an expression to the one you specify.

CONVERT Formula Syntax

     <Expression>, <Datatype>

How do you use the CONVERT function?

This function has two parameters: the scalar expression and the data type. The CONVERT function returns an error when a value cannot be converted to the specified data type. The data type can be Boolean, currency, datetime, double, integer, and string.

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Considerations when using the CONVERT function

DAX calculated columns must be a single data type. Since MEDIAN and MEDIANX functions return mixed data types, they will return an error. To avoid mixed data types, change the expression to always return the double data type.

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Formula examples using the CONVERT function

SELECT CONVERT(INT, 5.95) result

SELECT CONVERT( CHAR( 20 ), order_date, 104 )

SELECT CONVERT( CHAR( 20 ), order_date, 7 )

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