COUNTX Function (DAX)

How does the COUNTX function (DAX) work?

The COUNTX function (DAX) counts the number of rows that contain a non-blank value or an expression that evaluates to a non-blank value, when evaluating an expression over a table.

COUNTX Formula Syntax


How do you use the COUNTX function?

The COUNTX function is used to count only number values, dates, or strings.

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Considerations when using the function

The COUNTX function takes two arguments. The first argument must always be a table, or any expression that returns a table. The second argument is the column or expression that is searched by COUNTX.

If the function finds no rows to count, it returns a blank.

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Formula examples using the COUNTX function


=COUNTX(FILTER(Product,RELATED(ProductSubcategory[EnglishProductSubcategoryName])=”Caps”, Product[ListPrice])

= COUNTX (RELATEDTABLE (East_Sales), IF ([Product] = East_Sales[Product],1,0))

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