Information Functions

DAX information functions look at the cell or row that is provided as an argument and tells you whether the value matches the expected type. For example, the ISERROR function returns TRUE if the value that you reference contains an error.

In this category

CONTAINSReturns true if values for all referred columns exist, or are contained, in those columns; otherwise, the function returns false.
CUSTOMDATAReturns the content of the CustomData property in the connection string.
ISBLANKChecks whether a value is blank, and returns TRUE or FALSE.
ISERRORChecks whether a value is an error, and returns TRUE or FALSE.
ISEVENReturns TRUE if number is even, or FALSE if number is odd.
ISINSCOPEReturns true when the specified column is the level in a hierarchy of levels.
ISLOGICALChecks whether a value is a logical value, (TRUE or FALSE), and returns TRUE or FALSE.
ISNONTEXTChecks if a value is not text (blank cells are not text), and returns TRUE or FALSE.
ISNUMBERChecks whether a value is a number, and returns TRUE or FALSE.
ISONORAFTERA boolean function that emulates the behavior of a Start At clause and returns true for a row that meets all of the condition parameters.
ISTEXTChecks if a value is text, and returns TRUE or FALSE.
LOOKUPVALUEReturns the value in result_columnName for the row that meets all criteria specified by search_columnName and search_value.
USERNAMEReturns the domain name and username from the credentials given to the system at connection time.

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