Evaluates the year-to-date value of the expression in the current context.




expressionAn expression that returns a scalar value.
datesA column that contains dates.
filter(optional) An expression that specifies a filter to apply to the current context.
year_end_date(optional) A literal string with a date that defines the year-end date. The default is December 31.

Return Value

A scalar value that represents the expression evaluated for the current year-to-date dates.


The dates argument can be any of the following:

  • A reference to a date/time column,
  • A table expression that returns a single column of date/time values,
  • A Boolean expression that defines a single-column table of date/time values.

The year_end_date parameter is a string literal of a date, in the same locale as the locale of the client where the workbook was created. The year portion of the date is not required and is ignored.

For example, the following formula specifies a (fiscal) year_end_date of 6/30 in an EN-US locale workbook.

=TOTALYTD(SUM(InternetSales_USD[SalesAmount_USD]),DateTime[DateKey], ALL(‘DateTime’), “6/30”)

See also

ALL function (DAX)
CALCULATE function (DAX)
DATESYTD function (DAX)
TOTALMTD function (DAX)
TOTALQTD function (DAX)

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