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This DAX quiz has the goal to check whether you have good confidence in DAX functions. Read the following questions carefully and find the correct answer from the options provided. There’s no suggested time to answer each question so you should look at the answers and select the one you believe is correct – this is more important than speed. Some questions are just more difficult and will naturally take longer to answer.

The goal is to measure your understanding of DAX functions that are fundamental in performance analysis and optimization.

Remember: don’t cheat yourself!

Which DAX function returns the item at the specified position from a string resulting from evaluation of a PATH function?
Which DAX function joins two text strings into one text string?
Which DAX function returns the last date of the month in the current context for the specified column of dates.
Which DAX function evaluates an expression in a context that is modified by the specified filters?
Which DAX function returns a number’s natural logarithm? The constant e (2.71828182845904) is based on natural logarithms.
ISNOTEXT function (DAX) returns TRUE for any non-text attribute, e.g. number, date or time.
ALLCROSSFILTERED function (DAX) removes all context filters in the table except filters that have been applied to the specified columns.
Which DAX function returns the number of the character at which a specific character or text string is first found, reading left to right?
Which DAX function rounds a number up, to the nearest integer or to the nearest multiple of significance.
ISERROR function (DAX) checks whether a value is blank, and returns TRUE or FALSE.
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