DAX Function Quiz

DAX functions simplify the task of analyzing data and visualizing patterns.   Having the basic knowledge of the most frequently used DAX functions allow you to achieve great insights into your model and use the results for decision making and creating forecasts.

Take this online quiz to help you assess your current knowledge level of DAX functions.

Read the following questions carefully and find the correct answer from the options provided. There’s no time limit to answer each question so take all the time you need, and then select the one you believe is correct. Some questions are more difficult and will naturally take longer to answer.

Remember: don’t cheat yourself!

The CONCETANATE function joins two text strings into one text string.
Which function returns e raised to the power of a given number?
Which DAX function returns a one-column table containing the distinct values from the specified table or column?
 What Is fhe difference between DISTINCT() And VALUES() in DAX?
Which function checks if a condition provided in the first argument is met?
What does the TOPN function do?
Which of the following DAX function does not return a table?
Which DAX function returns a number’s natural logarithm? The constant e (2.71828182845904) is based on natural logarithms.
When comparing the rows in two tables, which DAX function can be used to return the rows in one table that do not appear in another table. Choose all answers that are correct.

ISERROR function checks whether a value is blank, and returns TRUE or FALSE.
DAX Function Quiz
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