Power BI Quiz

Power BI is a powerful analytics and reporting platform for businesses and organizations. Its ability to get rapid insights on the fly even with huge quantities of data sets has made it a favorite among business intelligence professionals.

Test your knowledge of Power BI when you take this online quiz.   

Read the following questions carefully and find the correct answer from the options provided. There’s no time limit to answer each question so take all the time you need, and then select the one you believe is correct. Some questions are more difficult and will naturally take longer to answer.

Remember: don’t cheat yourself!

What is the file format used to define a theme for a Power BI report?
How many types of Merge Joins are available in Power PI?
What will happen when someone from your organization signs up for a Power BI account after you have already done so?
Comma seperated values
What type of data sources can Power BI connect to?
Which of the following visuals is not included as part of Power BI and must be added as a custom visual?
Which of the following filter is not available in Power BI reports?
Which of the following view is available in Power BI Desktop?
Into which of the following scopes can you import a custom visual created in Power BI?
Which of the following component is not part of Power BI?
Power BI Quiz
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