Challenge 10 - Supplier Insight

Challenge 10!!

Hello All, I trust you are well.

An awesome milestone with this challenge we hit the big 10. It’s been an incredible past few months and the work produced in the challenges
has just been spectacular, innovative and in some cases incredible.

We started the challenge to help provide an opportunity to get hands on and implement the skills that you are learning.

We are continuously trying to improve and enhance the challenge offering at Enterprise DNA and that’s why there are going to be some
super exciting changes coming in the near future.

We truly believe that the challenge is an excellent opportunity for all our members and non-members to get involved and enhance their Power
BI capabilities. We already have a number of excellent prizes and categories available, but we’ve got some seriously cool stuff lined up
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I know I keep banging on about it, but we really want more of you to get involved in this and were definitely trying to listen and ensure that the challenge is accessible to all.

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First time participant winner

Really simple, it’s open to all Enterprise DNA members. All you must do is let us know it’s your first challenge.

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We really want to see more of you get involved so even if it’s a post to the forum to join the conversation please do get involved.

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The Brief

You are working with a manufacturer who receives and orders a number of raw materials which are then used in production or for general maintenance.

Currently, there is no procurement system in place and no way for the companies to validate which suppliers are providing us with quality goods and which are not.

There is also no consistency between different plants and the vendors we are purchasing from.

The programme management team has identified the need to centralise and understand supplier quality as a priority.

There has been a major effort in recent weeks to consolidate the data.

The team has now managed to gather data from across the plants with information around the material, defect, and vendor.

They have also managed to get the number of defective materials and also provided a value for the minutes of downtime caused by the defective material.

The management team is now looking for some help to visualise and extrapolate the findings from this data.

Enterprise Manufacturers Ltd is slowly adopting Power Bi within their organisation as such one of the analysts has made an effort at starting to model the data.

Given the importance of the project and urgency management has decided to enlist the experts to get this over the line.

Some key questions the business want answering are;

Which vendors/plants are causing the greatest defect quantity?

Which vendors/plants are causing the greatest downtime?

Is there a particular combination of material and vendor that performs poorly?

Is there a particular combination of Vendor and plant that performs poorly?

How does the same vendor and material perform across different plants?

The business is hoping that you can help answer these questions and maybe even provide some insights that they may have overlooked.

UPDATE Re @alexbadiu question around purchase amounts

At the moment this data is not available as the business is struggling to get the data out of the system.

It has been agreed that if the management team sees value in this first iteration of Power BI development they would be willing to invest in the technical expertise required to extract the purchasing quantity.

The management team is happy to accept in this first instance they won’t be able to see the percentage of defects compared to the purchased amount.

If any of you would like any further support please do not hesitate to get in touch.

SUBMISSION DUE DATE – Monday, 13th December 2020 (PST)

Please can you all submit your PBIX files to powerbichallenge@enterprisedna.co

Click here to download the data set.

Best of luck!

Any issues or questions please reach out.


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