Challenge 12 - Transport & Shipping Data

Hi All,

I trust you are all keeping safe.

It’s that time again, Challenge 12!

The bar is raised with every challenge and challenge 11 provided some brilliant entries and encapsulated what the challenges are all about.

The work on display was by far some of the best Power BI development being produced across the globe.

Those of you that haven’t be sure to check out the reports and writeups.

Click here to learn more about the challenge and how it works be sure to check out the forum!

As always if you have any suggestions or comments, we are always happy to listen. Please feel free to reach out to me or the Enterprise DNA team.


Couple of bits I just want to cover before diving into the brief.

We have been listening to feedback and have decided that the expert panel will no longer be eligible to win.

However, we believe there is massive value in the experts taking part in the challenges and the knowledge share and learning opportunities presented through their work. So going forward the experts will be in a whole category of their own.

There are a number of you who are interested in participating in the challenges however are a little unsure of how to go about preparing an entry.

Well, worry not expert @JarrettM has created a course taking you through his process of creating a data challenge entry step by step.

I highly encourage you all to set aside some time to go through the course. Really powerful material that provides you a basis for creating a report end to end in Power BI not just for challenges but any report development.

Awesome work @JarrettM :blush:.

There are also some super events lined up over the coming days with several experts going through data challenges and more so be sure to tune in.

Winners, prizes, and categories

We’re having a little shakeup this challenge as we have managed to secure some extra prizes.

The winners in each of the categories will receive the customary Enterprise DNA training membership but we have also managed to secure some cash prizes!!

This week’s entry has been kindly sponsored by a client who wishes to remain anonymous however below is a breakdown of the prizes on offer.

Winning Enterprise DNA member – $500 (Or amazon Voucher equivalent) + Free Membership

Most innovative Entry – $250 (Or amazon Voucher equivalent) + Free Membership (Open to both members and non-members and the overall winner can also claim the most innovative title)

Winning Non-Enterprise Member – $250 (Or amazon Voucher equivalent) + Free Membership (Open to everyone)

First-time participant winner- Pick from a selection of prizes as mentioned here. You must be an Enterprise DNA member to qualify.

Not only is there an opportunity to win some great prizes while learning but you can also help shape the vision of what and how the client embeds Power BI.

Your work will directly impact and make a difference in the implementation of Power BI in an organization.

The past 11 challenges have provided some of the best Power BI developments out there and the library we are developing through the challenges is second to none. So many options and inspirations to take into our own work.

I have seen several reports popping up across the web in recent weeks and for a number of them, it has been evident where the inspiration is coming from.

So great work all we are making some serious waves and building one of the best libraries of Power BI work across the globe.

The Brief

As I mentioned earlier this week’s data set is courtesy of a client who is looking to use Power BI for reporting and analytics purposes.

They have taken an extract from the source system and dumped it into excel.

Under normal circumstances, the team would then work with this excel and produce a number of reports through a series of pivots and templates and a whole lot of manual processes.

They are now looking to use Power BI and automate this.

They haven’t asked for any specific requirement but rather want to see what’s the art of possible in Power BI.

So there really is no right or wrong answer here and the ball is in your court to produce a compelling report.

As you will see in excel the number of columns is staggering and the data is far from optimal for Power BI reporting.

There is a data dictionary attached that covers some of the most important columns and what they mean.

There isn’t a requirement to model everything just what you feel is necessary.

The flat file extract to excel is common when working with source systems where a direct integration or middleware (data warehouse) isn’t available. Many companies prefer to keep reporting separate from operational systems to protect the operating system from any performance hindrance.

As with any good solution, we at Enterprise DNA can’t emphasize the 4 pillars of development enough. So please bear this in mind as it will help structure your thought process.

So I now hand over the baton to you…

Any questions about the data and understanding of it please do feel free to reach out.


We really want to encourage you all to get involved in some way shape or form so please do get involved even if it’s just sharing this with someone who might be interested.

Click here to download the dataset.

SUBMISSION DUE DATE – Sunday, 28th March 2021 (PST)

Please can you all submit your PBIX files to powerbichallenge@enterprisedna.co

Best of luck!

Any issues or questions please reach out.

Enterprise DNA