Advanced Gauge – xViz

Compare and visualize the actual value against a target value

The Advanced gauge helps us visualize a single value within a given scale as pointed by the needle on the colored data range or chart axis. This chart type is often used in executive dashboards to show key business indicators. 

Configuration options includes number formatting which includes setting the scaling display, semantic formatting and axis formatting which includes customization option for axis such as reverse axis, Show/hide labels & the ticks within the axis.


  • Assign the Actual and Target value.
  • Set the max/min value from property sheet directly.
  • Conditional formatting.
  • Data labels.
  • Number Formatting.
  • Axis formatting.
  • Semantic Formatting.
  • Data and track colors.


  • Measure one or more KPI of an organization such as Sales and Avg Selling Price of the material.
  • Compare the actual sales against target sales.
  • Measuring gross margins for your business using a semi-circular gauge.
Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, itCan read and make changes to your documentCan send data over the Internet


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