valQ – Modern Digital Planning

valQ – Business Modeling, Planning, Simulations, Forecasting & What-If Analysis

Model your business and perform simulations like never before. valQ is a cloud and on-premise business modeling software that empowers your executives and decision-makers to visualize and analyze business scenarios and make real time decisions on-the-go.

valQ is designed to empower C-level executives and analysts of finance, operations, sales, marketing, HR and procurement to quickly identify, measure and optimize the KPI’s of organizations of any size.


  • Visualize your business in multiple scenarios possible – valQ is fully customizable
  • Model your business by capturing 1000+ business variables across functions (e.g. sales price, discounts, unit cost, production downtime)
  • Simulate on-the-fly by adjusting variables in table or tree format using touch & swipe gestures
  • Create several scenarios on-the-fly and compare outcomes of scenarios instantly
  • Download simulation results instantly


  • Bring your own data and visualize your business in minutes
  • Does not require additional IT infrastructure or support and is fully self-sufficient as a custom visual for Microsoft Power BI
  • Has pan-organizational application covering C-Suite, Sales, Finance, Operations, Procurement & Human Resources
  • Use cases include Strategic Planning, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Forecasting & Budgeting, Demand Planning, Sales & Operations (S&OP) Planning, Territory Planning, Quota Planning, Workforce Planning, Integrated Business Planning and more
  • Supports desktop, tablet & mobile devices


  • Instantly visualize and optimize profitability & growth
  • Executive-friendly, highly intuitive visual unlike complicated excel models or traditional planning software


Please visit: to choose the suitable valQ version to suit your business needs.


POWER BI 2.69.5467.1251 onwards

We have compiled the installation and sample models to help users explore valQ for Microsoft Power BI, to Get Started please visit:

For any technical queries, please write to For sales related queries, write to

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Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, it

  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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