Waffle Chart

10×10 customizable grids of icons to visually represent and compare raw data values as a percentage.

The Waffle Chart is an attractive 10×10 grid in which each cell represents one percentage point. So, a block of 43 highlighted cells represents 43%. The default icon is a circle, but this can be customized using SVG paths (to convert an .svg file go to http://kiewic.com/paths ). Data sets with multiple values can be displayed by multiple Waffle Charts for easy comparison. You can use Power BI to query the waffle chart data set. The user has full control of icon colors. Multiple Waffle Charts are displayed in a matrix which is responsive to a user- and/or device-defined window.

By default, if all values are 100 or less, they are percentage values. However, if any value is above 100, the largest value becomes the new 100% and all percentages are calculated relative to it. Optionally, for more control, the “Max Values” role can be used to set the maximum value for calculating the percentage (raw value * 100 / max value).

For raw values that are negative, the “Min Values” role can be set to define the low end of the range. The absolute value of the range is then used to calculate the percentage values as above.

Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, it
Can read and make changes to your document
Can send data over the Internet


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